Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Restocking my Etsy shop!

Having been absent from my
Etsy shop now for 
several months
and pondering which way forward
would be the right way for me,
in light of their newly
introduced payment platform,
I decided that this is still the best selling platform 
for my artwork
recently listed are these new Vintage collaged tags


These large tags have been created from
many different pieces of vintage cotton lace,
dyed doilies, vintage fabrics,
lace fabrics onto a tag.


Very often you want to give something more than a card
as a gift and this could be that alternative!


So if this is your thing then pop over to my Etsy
to see what may interest you there!
I'm hoping to list a couple of my little fabric and ephemera books
there shortly so keep checking!
thank you always for visiting me here and leaving
kind comments! They are so welcomed!
Enjoy your week!
xox Suzy 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Light of Spring!

  Blooming, blossoming, breezy,
renewal, rejuvinating and refreshing
are words coming to mind
for me right now
as we transition from a very cold winter 
here in Australia



 to the season of Spring, new life, blue skies


new growth everywhere and new bird song
 is promising us
 it really is just around the corner!


and this is my tribute to this new season!


So many thoughts and feelings
shining through this little book making us
feel truly alive and loved!



We truly are looking forward to sitting under a tree, 
reading a book,
listening to the bees,
watching the fish jump in our lake, 
kayaking in the warm water
watching the honeyeaters steel their nectar!
Just some of the things which bring contentment!
Bliss oh joy!

Love to you all!
xox Suzy

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Coastal Walk with Magnificent Scenery

As this morning was such a beautiful, clear and sunny
Sunday my DH, Jeff, Lilly,
 our 14year old poodle and I
took a glorious walk through coastal bushland
to a headland out to sea not far
from where we live
the far south coast of Australia.

As there was no one else around
we had the whole walk to ourselves!

Little paths off the main track led us to
amazing views of the coastal beaches!


You can see where the name "Sapphire Coast"
derives it's name from!


Steep cliffs dropping into the sea like these:


Wind swept trees!

And this is what we saw when we arrived 
at the headland!

 And the walk back through the bush
with the Melaluca trees leaning into each other!

Feeling very blessed to be living so close to such
an amazing rugged coastland along the 
far south east coast of Australia!
Thank you all for coming along this walk with me
and wish you all a wonderful day!
xox Suzy

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fairytale Cards and a New Book in the Making

I recently used these two beautiful Arthur Rackham images
which I edited and incorporated into these large
cards as gifts to friends.


They really take you away riding on the wings
of angels!
I adore the works of this famous Childrens Illustrator,
Arthur Rackham!

 On my table at the moment are the materials,
thoughts, words and feelings for a new
book I've entitled
"Fragile Heart"


How many of you feel you can relate to these words?

Hoping to share the finished pages and book soon
I just wanted to remind you all that if you would like to
take advantage of a 50% discount on the
workshop where I teach my book techniques
then just pop over to Creative Workshops to read all about it 
 as there are only two days left
to enrol at this discounted price.
Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday
thank you all for continuing to leave such kind comments here.

xox Suzy


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